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Aquaban is a licensed medicine that comes in tablet form. It contains two diuretics that help you get rid of the water that builds up in the body’s tissues and cells.

Active ingredients: Ammonium Chloride BP 325mg

Also contains: Caffeine Anhydrous BP 100mg, E131, Microcrystalline cellulose

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Clenbuterol is an excellent thermogenic. Clen will help you burn calories at a higher rate. While it can help you lose body fat at an accelerated rate, especially that last little bit of stubborn body fat, responsible use remains imperative and a good diet is the most important thing when trying to lose fat. OPUS Clenbuterol contains 50mcg per tablet and 100 tablets per box. Important: We are low on stock in OPUS Clenbuterol, so a replacement brand may be sent in its place.

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T3 (Cytomel)

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The bodybuilding and athletic world is attracted to the use of T3 as a physique and performance enhancing drug because of its capability to distinctly boost the body’s metabolism in the effort to metabolize body fat at a greater rate. T3 is traditionally utilized during cutting, dieting or pre-contest phases of training due to its remarkable ability to help shred fat. Keep in mind, T3 isn’t a magic pill, and you will need to run it for a period of time along with proper nutrition and exercise if you want to see results.

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TAS Summer Stack


The TAS Summer Stack has everything you need to run a perfect summer cycle. It is specifically tailored towards an aggresive fat burning phases followed by a lean bulk and muscle hardening phase. This creates a highly desirable low body fat and hard muscular look. You can choose between the Beginner, Advanced or Veteran cycle. Scroll down to see details on what each variation contains. If you would like to buy a stack but make slight modifications or receive expired gear for a further discount please email us;

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CLASSIFICATION: Thyroid hormone
DOSAGE: 50-150 mcg/day
SUBSTANCE: Levothyroxine Sodium

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